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Anonymous asked:

I want babygirl to suck my dick like a good slut



Silly anon, there are so many things wrong and inappropriate about this statement.

1. Dick is a term used by boys. 
     a. Men refer to it as a cock.

2. Babygirl and the word sl*t have no business being used in the same sentence.  In fact, that word does not exist in our lexicon.

3. A respectful individual would ask, not state or demand, especially with consideration that Babygirl has a happily owned submissive.
    a. Not sure what that means?
    b. Take some time and do your homework on D/s relationships.

Please take your dim witted, nonsensical statements elsewhere, where you may troll freely on others whom would care to waste their time entertaining such frivolity.  If you had the same fortitude to stand behind your statement with a non-anon message, we would be happy to share your identity with the rest of tumblr, so that they might be aware of your careless and disrespectful behavior. 

Second paragraph, “We accept asks and submissions but politeness and respect are incredibly important to us.”  We do not care for your kind here, and similar asks will be ignored and deleted, and you will lose the thrill of someone attending to your petty attention seeking behavior.

She is MINE.
I do NOT share.

Go run along now boy, there is no purpose of you staying here.


perfect response is perfect !!

Well said!

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